As much as we want to let our imagination off leash while designing a kitchen, oftentimes we are limited by space. But don't panic: there is a way to design a small kitchen that won't make you feel claustrophobic. It can be the color, the details or simply smart space solutions. Here are some great examples of kitchen space problem solved with efficiency and taste.

Hack 1: bright colors add space

Especially for the condo owners it is essential to maximize the perception of space. Whiter = brighter. Adding a few colorful details, a painting or a rug with a contrasting texture will also make your kitchen look cosier.

Hack 2: vertical storage

Optimising storage can help you turn a dead space into a functional space save. Vertical storage solutions can be installed right in between appliances or cabinets.

Hack 3: modular kitchen

A hot trend among interior designers leaning towards an urban minimalism vibe. Modular kitchen allows for the maximum functionality while liberating the space around.

Hack 4: corner space

Take full advantage of the corner space using diagonal drawers or corner cabinets. 

Hack 5: vertical separators

Muffin tins, cutting boards and trays tend to take a lot of space and taking them out usually takes time because you need to take out other stuff first. Vertical separators solve two problems at once - time and space. It will make all those appliances accessible and save you a lot of space.